Support coordination

Innovative Community Participation

Connecting to community is important, so we focus on giving individuals all the right tools to engage with, and contribute to their community while learning about their own skills and interests along the way.

Development of Life Skills

This service is centred around building skills that help with learning to adapt in new scenarios, and overcoming emotional challenges. Taking the time to process and embrace new things will facilitate the growth of new skills and relationships that are absolutely invaluable.

Early childhood Supports

Early childhood is the most delicate stage of a person’s life, as the development of those essential life skills takes place. Early intervention at this impressionable stage can majorly assist cognitive growth, particularly with things such as having positive social interactions, overcoming challenges, and navigating through emotions.

Support Coordination

Coordinating support begins with gaining a deep understanding of what an individual’s needs, goals and current circumstances are. We use this information to create tailored support plans in alignment with your funding to help you actively participate in areas of interest, while introducing skills that elevate confidence and independence.

Group / Centre Activities

Our group and in-centre activities are all about developing a sense of comfort in community. We encourage participants to engage with one another through a wide variation of fun activities that are fully catered for by our experts. Creating these warm and inclusive social environments can help individuals transition into group settings, build confidence, and form new relationships.

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