What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was designed to build bridges between eligible individuals and their community through direct funding and support based on their individual goals.

The NDIS is a federally funded government support program delivered by the NDIA (the National Disability Insurance Agency) and the scheme has currently helped over 500,000 people with disabilities access services that have helped them build essential life skills, independence, and improve their overall health and wellness.

The NDIS provides eligible participants with individually tailored plans enabling them to utilise funds for their support needs across a range of support categories. Each NDIS Plan will provide a range of support options and each participant is able to make personalised decisions about their supports which best enable them to reach their goals. Such goals may include being involved in work, study, sports, community groups, recreational activities and living with independence. NDIS Plans enable people to gain access to the support they need to reach their life goals and to improve their overall quality of life. Ndiho offers a range of tailored and specialised support solutions to help all individuals reach their goals, and are experts in ensuring participants gain maximum benefit from their NDIS Plan.

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Am I eligible?

The funding is provided directly to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria, which covers factors such as age, level of citizenship, location, and most importantly—your disability and early intervention requirements.

How does it work?

If you are an eligible participant, you need to submit an Access Request Form and contact the NDIS via 1800 800 110 to complete a verbal application with one of their professionals. This step requires the confirmation of identity of the participant, as well as anyone who may be responsible for managing the funds. It’s important that you have correct and up-to-date records to provide evidence of your disability, which can be obtained from health professionals.

What happens next?

After you have successfully been accepted as ELIGIBLE by the NDIS you will receive confirmation of the success. You will then need to attend a planning meeting with your NDIS representative (usually a Local Area Coordinator (LAC)) who will assist you in understanding your needs and the amount of funding you may be eligible for. At this meeting you will also need to let them know how you would like to manage your plan. There are three plan management methods you can choose from:

Self managed – where the individual is in full control over their NDIS plan and pays their own invoices via an easy APP or portal.
Plan managed – involving a third party organisation (called a ‘Plan Manager’ who manages the financials of your plan including paying invoices for services to your selected providers.
NDIA managed – your plan is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency, with payments for support and activities made directly by the agency with your funds. This is the least flexible method and means you can only use registered providers for all of your NDIS Plan funded services.

Once you are advised you are eligible to be an NDIS participant we suggest you contact Ndiho so that we can provide you with quotes for the services you would like to have funded under your NDIS Plan. You can then take these quotes with you to your initial planning meeting with the LAC or NDIS Planner, and this will ensure you are provided with sufficient funding for your needs.

What is Myplace?

The NDIS participant portal, myplace, is a secure website on the myGov website where individuals or their nominees can access their NDIS information. Users can view their current and past plans, check their contact details, see messages from the NDIS, create and manage payment requests and service bookings, upload documents, share their plan with service providers, and find service providers.

The ‘My NDIS’ mobile APP is now available and it gives participants a more accessible and user-friendly way to view their NDIS budget, view NDIS plan information details as well as make and manage claims (for self-managed participants or their Nominees). You can download the my NDIS app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. You can see more details here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan/managing-your-plan/my-ndis-mobile-app.

For children younger than 7

The nationally consistent early childhood approach is designed for children under 7 who have a disability or developmental delay and their families. The approach aims to provide best practice early childhood intervention by building the capacity of the child and their family, promoting inclusion in the community, and providing opportunities for growth and learning. Its goal is to give children and their families the necessary support to help them have the best possible start in life.

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