About Us

Ndiho is a family owned business developed with a focus on community, compassion and professionalism. We have experienced living with challenge, and our family heritage includes charity work supporting vulnerable individuals and families in developing communities. We are proud of our African culture which encompasses our strong belief in living without limits and freedom for all.

Ndiho has been developed to deliver our vision of disability service provision combining a rare dual focus on quality and professionalism along with a caring and community minded approach. Our family has worked for many years in the sector having trained and worked within the public and private health sector and disability domains. Our expertise and experience does not overshadow our commitment to provide high level needs supports utilising a caring and nurturing professional framework.

We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to establish and grow Ndiho. Our commitment to our clients and their families is to always treat them as we would our own family members – with respect, care, professionalism and commitment to their individual goals.

Providing Tailored Supports

Ndiho offers high quality in-home and community support services that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual living with disability and their families. Ndiho takes the time to understand your circumstances, interests, struggles and goals to help you maximise your independence, and develop skills to ensure you live your best possible life.

Ndiho support services are client-focussed and cover all aspects of your individual support needs, mobility assistance, community engagement and/or skill development. We will ensure you are matched with your support worker and/or therapists to provide you with the outcomes you require and value most.

Ndiho’s professional team are highly trained in their area of expertise and work collaboratively using their specialised expertise. Ndiho will guide you through challenging life stages, form bridges between individuals and the community, and ensure you always have the right physical and emotional support available.

Ndiho believes in continuous development in our team members, systems and processes to ensure our method of practice provides our clients with maximum life options and opportunities. Ndiho prioritises client health, wellness, inclusion and satisfaction.

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